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About Ecocentric Brands

Ecocentric was founded in 2008 as a sustainable supply chain and product development consultancy after spending the prior eight years developing private label products form primarily Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester. Since 2008 we have used our FAST methodology and expertise to help brands and retailers map and build sustainable supply chains and products with the utmost in transparency.

While we still have our consulting arm of the business in 2012 we saw a void in the promotional and corporate markets for “GREEN” products backed up with a transparent story and the hard evidence needed to make sustainability tangible and “GREEN” products risk free for those who wanted to promote them. After starting a small-recycled line of tees we realized there was a need for a leader in the space, someone who could help distributors, printers and brands understand what a Green Product should really be, what to ask for and how it should be backed up. In 2014, we created Ecocentric Brands to supply only the best “GREEN” products to the industry backed up with FAIR, ACCOUNTABLE, SUSTAINABLE, TRANSPARENT, processes, certifications and metrics allowing you and your customers to promote sustainability responsibly.

Today we supply just two products lines to our customers because it’s not easy finding the right products. As we expand our product line we will continue looking for only the best products we can trust and in turn, you and your customers can trust.

Our Mission

To build the highest quality selection of the sustainable lifestyle apparel and accessories for our customers and their clients. Backed up by process and certification that allows your customers to transparently connect our products to their business and what their stakeholders and customers care about. This is not only good for business but also good for the communities we work in, the people our products touch, and the environment. Creating something that has the ability to change the future for the better is what we enjoy doing most. Call it “a healthy disdain for the way things are". Call it “bravery to change the world.” Call it the truth. Because that’s what it is. And we’re here to tell it. It’s time to know the truth about what you wear. It’s time to use that truth to make your own statement.


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