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Kastlfel challenges the status quo to find new ways to make things better by making better things.

We craft design-forward, sustainable apparel that embraces and values creativity, fashion, innovation, and responsibility. The clean designs of the Kastlfel collection appeal to individuals that have a unique taste for fashion. We are inspired by understated basics that can be worn in any situation. All of which has transformed us into a lifestyle brand with a conscious trademark. We are insuring that - from here on out- you’ll not only be able to feel good about the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll look damn good doing it.

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Billboard Ecology

We take retired advertising billboards, banners and other textiles and rescue them from a date with the landfill.  We turn these materials into great tote bags and other unique items made right here in the USA.

For your clients that participate in outdoor advertising, they can take advantage of our reclamation-offset program, eliminating a waste stream and providing them with key sustainability metrics in addition to a great marketing promo.

Click here for our Unique Calculator to view the funds you can raise, the materials saved from the landfill and the single-use bags eliminated: